Ze stories uf ze fearsome Gnome varrior, Gnolly! Unt Gnonest.

Friday, July 29, 2005

Viz ze new mount

Here I em viz Tinsel, unt my new mount. I heffn't named it yet. Zere vuz a silly undead guy runnink in front uf ze camera. Zey can be so rude.

I told Gnonest I voult name it efter him, because he gafe it to me. However, I zink zat coult cause some confusions. If I shout out, "Hey Gnonest, I vill ride you to Booty Bay!" Gnonest (ze Gnome) coult be confused. So, I vill try to zink uf a new name. I em zinkink Verdigris, or meybe Tintin. I luff tin.

Here's a closeup uf ze mount. Notice ze fine craftsmanships on it!

Tinsel unt ze mount heff been gettink along hokay. I sometimes notice Tinsel chewink on ze mounts legs, or tryink to stuff nuts (ze metal kind, Tinsel isn't a normal squirrel) into ze mount's hexhaust ports. No damage so far, zo. I hope zey learn to play nice togezer.

Ze goot news!

I tolt you I vould heff goot news soon, unt now I can tell you -- I vuz visitink ze varriors guild recently, unt zey said zat because uf all uf ze hard vork I heff been doink, I vould heff more respect arount zere. Zey efen said I could vear ze plate armor now! You can't see it in ze picture below, but I em vearink a new metal belt zat Anor sent me. Unt Gnonest gafe me ze efen nicer gift, but I don't heff any photos uf it yet -- he gave me enough money to buy ze mechanostrider! Now I can run arount viz ze big boys! It is so much fun! Ze smell uf ze oil leakink unt coal burnink also help to cofer ze smell uf me in ze jungle as vell.

Oh, unt Gnonest has been permitted to build ze portals now. Zey are a vay to move to ze cities more quickly zan by gryphon, and zey kind uf tickle vhen you jump zrough zem. Here he is makink vun to go to ze Stormvind city.

Here ve are heffink a celebratory dinner uf pork to congratulate ourselves.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

More uf ze jungle

Here are Gnonest unt I in ze jungle. Zese hunters in ze area seem to vant to remofe all ze vildlife, but are too scared to do it zemselves. Uf course, zey aren't as fearsome as Gnonest unt I. So, zey heff sent us to kill meny uf ze raptors, tigers unt more in ze jungle. Here I em about to rescue Gnonest from ze raptor zat got past me.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

I em just too hot zeese days

Gnonest unt I heff been in ze jungles near Booty Bay lately. It is hot. Hot, hot, hot. Too hot for armor. I heff been gettink ... vell, ripe. All zat runnink arount, killink ze tigers unt trolls is too much exercise for a little Gnome in full armor. I need to roll arount in ze snow for a vhile.

Ah, snow. It has been zo long since I saw ze snow.

Ve efen made a side trip recently to Tanaris. Great. Leave ze hot, humid jungle, unt go to ze hot, dry desert. Gnolly is not ze happy camper.

Oh, but I vill heff goot news soon!

Friday, July 08, 2005

Efen shorter

Gnonest unt I vent off to ze Stranglezorn jungles. You vould not belief how hot it is in my armors in zat place. I zink I may suffer from ze jungle rot soon. I sveat, I stink, unt I sveat some more. Fortunately, Gnonest knows many coolink spells, so I stay near himr, or ze beasts he is castink zem at.

Zere vere zese people zere zat ve vere supposed to kill. Somevun said zey were bad, unt zat vus enough for us. Zey did attack us, zo I guess zey aren't fery nice. Vun uf ze magic-usink vuns used a spell on me to make me smaller. I guess he zought it vould make me less fearsome. He died shortly zereafter. You can see ze results below. I em almost as small as Tinsel! Fortunately, it did not last fery long, unt soon I vus back to my full Gnomish height.

Monday, July 04, 2005

I passed!

Oh, zis is just ze greatest news! I passed my hexams, unt now I em an official Gnomish Engineer! Ze hexams vere very difficult, unt required zat I make a bunch uf stuff zat vuz very difficult. I efen made ze mistake vunce in preparation for it -- I made ze mizril cylinders instead uf ze mizril tubes. Oh, I vuz vorried about zat vun, but fortunately, I fount more mizril ore, unt I made ze tubes.

Now, I can make ze fine Gnomish items, zat are secret to only ze greatest uf ze engineers. I vill keep tellink you as I build zem, especially ze Battle Chicken, ze special goggles unt vhatnot.

I celebrated by finishink off a few quests I had to do, includink deliferink ze crash helmets to ze racevay in ze Shimmerink Flats. Vhile I vus zere, a Dwarf asked me to look arount for ze parts uf old racecars, so zat zey can put zem togezer again. Vhile I vuz runnink arount pickink zem up (zey are eferyvhere!) I saw a ship! Vhy vould a ship be in ze middle uf ze desert like zis? Zhere vuz no vun on ze ship to ask, zo. Just a lot uf turtles arount ze ship. I vunder if ze ship brought ze turtles? I did not zink I voult vind so many turtles in ze desert eizer.

Gnonest unt I are beck in action, unt ve spent some time killink ze efil coven members in Desolace. Gnonest says he sinks ze nezer vitches are cute. I sink zey are a little too tall -- like ze elves. Still, ve managed to pick up a bunch uf stuff off ov zem, unt ve finished off a mage quest for Gnonest. He didn't say vhut he got for zem, zo. I sink ve vill go to ze monastery next, or maybe to ze jungle for my varrior quest.

Eizer vay, it vill be nice to flex my veapons again. I em beck!

I'f been very busy lately

I em sorry I heffn't been updatink zis much lately, as I heffn't been doink in much ozer zan preparink for ze exams lately (news on zis soon). Gnonest has been goink out unt shakink down ze Troggs unt vhatnot for linen unt vool. He sent along a few pictures of him in all his spellcastink might.

Here he is castink a spell. Most fearsome, I vould zink. You can almost feel ze spell takink avay your life, or vhutefer zose zinks do.

Zis is a really goot vun -- he is like ze spell slinker, vhippink out a spell to maim, rend or freeze. Yah, zis vun looks like a freeze spell. Still, most fearsome, goot layout unt eferyzink. I em glad I left him my snapshot defice while I vuz busy.

More news unt posts soon, includink news uf my exam. I hope.