Ze stories uf ze fearsome Gnome varrior, Gnolly! Unt Gnonest.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Killink ze bugs

Gnonest had ze luffly idea last night: vhy don't ve go check out zis Slizius place? I heff to admit, I vuz gettink a little tired uf ze Plaguelants. I vuz feelink mouldy all ze time, unt I zought zat a little bit uf dryness might help me feel a bit more clean. Plus, it vuz ze chance to vhack bugs. Vhut could be more fun zan zat? (Yah, buildink a new automatic sword sharpener unt cow milker might be more fun, but stick viz me.)

It is devinitely not a luffly place. Sandy unt vindy, unt full uf ze bugs. Here you can see zat ve are heffink ze picnic. You can see ze dust defil in ze background. I tried to catch vun, but I could not.

I mentioned ze bugs, yah? I vuz playink viz my telephoto lens for a bit, unt aimed it at ze tower uf ze bugs. Buzzink arount it vere all zese bugs. I must make myself some repellent bevore ve head into ze hifes zemselfes. Or maybe just sharpen my axe to vhack zem viz. Zat vill shut zem up!

Vhile ve vere comink beck from vhackink a bunch uf ze cultists who are also in ze area (I vill show you photos uf zem later, but zey are pretty dull lookink), ve saw a really big bug attackink a bunch uf dvarfes, so ve decided to help. Look at ze size uf it! Uf course, it did not last long viz boz uf us helpink.

Zere vere also a lot uf large vorms in ze desert. Zey apparently heff been attackink ze supply lines, so Gnonest unt I decided to help viz ze cleanink out uf ze vorms. You know, zey are also qvite tasty! Zis nice lady gafe us ze recipe to make ze dumplinks out uf zem. Most delicious! I vill heff to vhack a vew more in ze future, just because. Gnonest said zat he heard zat zere might efen be more larger vorms arount. He said zat his friend Herbert tolt him, or somezink like zat. I vill look forvart to findink zem as vell.

Vhile ze desert vuzn't as luffly as Vintersprink, it vuz still much nicer zan ze Plaguelants, unt I zink ve vill go beck. Ve heff been collectink ze secret messages uf ze cultists, unt I em curious as to vhut zey are talkink about. Perhaps some new recipes! Or maybe ze gadgets! Ooooo, zat vould be so nice!


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