Ze stories uf ze fearsome Gnome varrior, Gnolly! Unt Gnonest.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Ze dwarfen airplanes!

Gnonest unt I vere in ze Azshara ze ozer day, spankink ze bloot elfes for some reason or anozer. Ve also had to collect ze "etchinks" uf ze ruins for zis dwarf in Ironforge. He vanted us to collect zem, zen go to an airport for collection. Zis is ze shot at ze airport. I vanted ze guy to giff us a ride in ze plane, but he said zere vuz no room. No room for ze little (but fearsome) gnome?!?! I zink ve vere ze victims uf ze plot to keep me from buildink my own flyink machines.


At 9:37 PM, Anonymous keys said...

I've seen that before (it's right next to the guy that gives all the MC quests)...never saw the plane in there though!

Thought you'd be interested in seeing this video of us taking down Onyxia for the first time:;4543316;;/fileinfo.html

crappy quality, first time making a movie, but it's still sorta neat :)


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