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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

I heff figured it out!

Gnonest unt I vere in ze Vintersprink lately (I zink I heff mentioned zat), but ze place bozered me vhile ve vere zere. I zink I finally figured zomezink out about ze place, zo. Ze sprink is like ze vater sprink -- it's named after ze hot sprinks in ze place. Zere is no metal sprinks involved! Ze whole time ve vere zere, I vuz lookink for ze metal sprinks for my gadgets, unt I nefer saw vun. I had efen zought zat ze Goblins vere hidink zem. Now zat I know zat zere are no metal sprinks in ze place, I feel better.

Alzough, vouldn't zat be cool? Ze whole place full uf snow unt metal sprinks! Sprinks vould help you get zrough deep snow -- you could bounce zrough it!

My whole mistake reminds me uf ze time I vuz helping my uncle Gnorman viz his race car vun day. I mentioned Gnorman in ze past, right? He's Gniddle's fazer. Just don't mention ze bunnies to Gniddle!

Anyvay, I vuz vorkink viz my uncle, unt he vuz tightenink ze brakes on his race car. He asked me for ze 12-sprocket left-handed gear drifer, unt I zought he had asked for ze 10-sprocket right-handed gear drifer. He zought it vuz a tight fit, but he tightened his brakes anyvay. He crashed later zat night into ze crowd. It vuz quite ze hexplosion, I must say! He vuz hokay, zough, but zose brakes didn't seem to vork at all. He must heff loosened zem somehow. Ve laughed about zis vhen he got back from ze temple after ze priests healed him.


At 11:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What does a car crash have to do with springs?

At 11:39 AM, Anonymous Gnolly! said...

Oh, it has nozink to do viz sprinks. Vhy voult you zink zat? Ze race vuz in ze vinter. Just like ze Vintersprink. Veren't you payink attention?


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