Ze stories uf ze fearsome Gnome varrior, Gnolly! Unt Gnonest.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Huntink in ze crater

Gnonest unt I heff been spendink a lot uf time in ze Un'goro crater lately - it is a fun place!
Zere are so meny zinks to knock on ze head zere - dinos unt flowers unt dumb monkies unt more.
I feel a little sorry about hittink ze flowers, zo. Zey seem so peaceful, runnink around unt vafink zere tentacles around. Still, I don't zink zat ze flowers are supposed to valk arount. So, zey get vhacked.

Ze dinos in particular can be fery irritatink. Ve vere just mindink our business, ridink souz to find somezink vhen a couple uf zem decided to attack. Zen, zey brought zeir friends. Unt more friends. By ze end uf it, ve vere surrounded by ze dead dinos - too bad Anor vuzn't zere to clean up after us.

Ve heff also been collectink ze raptor meat for ze var evvort. I don't know how I heff been feelink about zat evvort. I know I vill heff to fight in ze var, unt heffink ze meat unt stuff afailable is important, I just zink zey might be doink it in ze wrong vay - heffink all ze stuff in Ironforge means zat ze supply chain is all comink from ze vun place. Still, ze collection goes fine, unt I zink I vill enjoy vhackink ze bugs. Hopefully zey vill heff ze neat stuff to collect.


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