Ze stories uf ze fearsome Gnome varrior, Gnolly! Unt Gnonest.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

A vew older pictures

Here are a vew older pictures zat I heff been holdink on to for ze vhile. Zey are from our fun in ze Velvoot unt Vintersprink bevore ve vent ofer to ze Slizius. Ze Velvoot is an icky place, unt eferyzink smells a little. Efen me vhen I vuz zere.

Zis vuz a big dead tree zat ve helped. He vuz lost, or somezink, unt needed somevun to show him how to get past ze muck monsters unt get to ze road.

Here he is efter ve got him to ze road. He turned out to be a nice dead tree. You can see just how big he vuz, as Gnonest (unt some dumb paladin type) is standink next to him. Gnonest is on his mount, Vheezlecrank.
Efter ze Velvoot, ve headed up past ze Fulbolgs to Vintersprink. I zink I really like ze Vintersprink - it reminds me uf my childhoot. All ze snow to play in. Here you can see just some uf ze carnage ve did zere. A bunch uf Furbolgs attacked us, so ve vhacked zem. You can see zat vun efen died in ze sheep form zat Gnonest had turned him into. Deaz can be cruel sometimes.

I snuck zis photo. Zis is Gnonest's new dress, uh, kilt. He is a little selv-conscious about it, but I don't know vhy. Maybe it is because uf his vearink ze cyan kilt viz ze red vest? You can see his bunny zere as vell. I can't remember ze bunny's name, but it is a fearsome beast, unt alvays helps ze Gnonest protect my beck.


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