Ze stories uf ze fearsome Gnome varrior, Gnolly! Unt Gnonest.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Cookink viz Gnolly

Vell, last night Gnonest unt I vere defastatink ze populations uf ze Rocs in Tanaris. Zis goblin had asked us to brink him lots uf eggs, unt clams unt cheese. Ze clams unt cheese ve had, but now it vuz time to get ze eggs. Tanaris is ze crowded desert! Ve couldn't valk 20 paces vizout bumpink into a hungry basilisk or hyena. Rocs, on ze ozer hand, vere hart to come by. Finally, ve found bunches uf zem near some old bones souz uf Gadgetzan. Still, zey vere surroundet by hyenas unt basilisks, but ve fought zem all. Ve vere so busy viz ze fightink, zat I forgot to take ze pictures. Especially vhen ve vere fightink meny at a time. Oh, I tried out Mizchick, unt she is vorkink quite well.

Still, finally ve got all ze eggs, unt now I (and Gnonest) are privy to ze highest lefels uf ze cookink craft! I celebrated by cookink up a storm uf roast raptor, volf meat, unt carrion surprise. I hed so much to eat, I vuz stuffed like ze turkey! Now, I vill get back to practicink my fishink, to prepare for ze tournament.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Old pictures

I decided to defelop a vew pictures zat I heff been savink. Here zey are.

Zis vuz a tree ve saw in ze Stranglezorn Vale. Notice ze people statues arount it. I vunder vhut ze story is?

Here you can see ze dome uf Dalaran. I heff nefer heard vhy zere is a dome ofer Dalaran, but zere you go. It's fery shiny, unt purpley pink up close. I kind uf vant to see vhut is inside, but I em also a little vorried about vhut all ze mages arount zere might be tryink to keep in.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Ze scarlet monks unt green gnomes.

Vell, Gnonest unt I hed a great time a few days ago runnink into ze scarlet monastery. I hed heard zat all monks vere nice people, calm unt peaceful. Zese monks veren't anyzink like zat -- zey attacked us as soon as zey saw us, complainink ve vere "contaminated". Vut ve vere contaminated viz, zey didn't say. It vuz such a messy place as vell, books piled up eferyvhere. It vuz for two uf zese books zat ve vent into ze monastery. I hed zought ve voult go in, say, "Hello nice monk folk, can ve borrow zese two books?" Instead, ve hed to bang heads unt take names. Ve fought our vays zrough ze monastery to ze main library. Zere Gnonest found ze book he hed been lookink for unt ve left. I hope to nefer see zose monks again.

Gnonest hed to rest a bit efter ze monks, unt so I set off on my own to Gnomeragan, ze ancestral home uf ze Souzern Gnomes. (Gnonest unt I are uf course Norzern Gnomes as you can tell vrom our proper accent) It vuz a gloomy place, unt many uf ze remainink Gnomes vere a little crazy. Hokay, a lot crazy as zey attacked me as vell! I zink zey vere ze contaminated vuns. "Stop", I said, "I em vun uf you!". Still zey attacked. Zey seemet to be buildink ze flyink machines. I forgot to take ze photo uf zem, zo. I vill try to go beck sometime for zat.

My engineerink vork continues to improfe. I made ze Gnomish Battle Chicken to aid Gnonest unt I in our quests. I heffn't tried it yet, but I em callink it Mizchick, as it is made uf a lot of mizril. I zink it vill help us to be fearsome.

Gnonest promises us zat efter his rest ve can finish zat recipe for ze goblin, unt ve vill become better cooks. Uf course, he made me promise to practice my fishink to prepare for ze upcomink tournament. Alvays somezink to do!

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Booty Bay at sunset

Here is ze Booty Bay at sunset. Zat is me at ze end uf ze post on ze boat. Luffly, no?

Don't ask how I took zis picture. Secret Gnomish secret, you do not heff ze clearances needed to know. Hokay?

Thursday, August 04, 2005

So much to talk about

Gnonest unt I vent to Arazi last night. Oh, bevore I mention zat, here is ze photo uf Gnonest in Booty Bay. He is showink off by gettink on ze long beam uf ze boat. I don't know ze real name uf it, or I vould call it zat.

It is not zat I voult be afraid to go up zere, it's just zat I don't fall fery vell. Unt vhen I fall, I hurt zinks. I sometimes zink it is all ze armor, but I em not sure.

Zo, ve left ze Booty Bay efter Gnonest fount all uf ze parts uf zat dang book for ze hunters. Maybe next time zey vill be more careful! Efter a short trip zrough Ironforge (zat place is a fery silly place), ve vent to Arazi. Ve had to find zum blood ore for zum silly goblin, unt I needed to collect stuff from ze elementals. Here I em ferociously fightink ze fire elemental, viz Gnonest about to freeze it.

You probably see ze giant in ze backgrount. He vuz followink us arount all ze time. In fact, he efen almost stepped on me! Silly giants, next time I vill slap him arount a little to show him vut is vut!

Ze reason I vuz efter ze elementals is zat a Troll promised me a sword. I know, I know, "Do not trust ze trolls as far as you can kick zem". Zat's vut my Gramma used to say. Still, it vuz for a sword. Sure enough, he vuz goot to his vord, unt he made for me a sword. Here I em posink viz it. It seems to be a nice vun.