Ze stories uf ze fearsome Gnome varrior, Gnolly! Unt Gnonest.

Friday, May 05, 2006


Vell, efter all ze runnink arount in ze desert unt elsevhere, I zink it has paid off. My instructors at ze varrior academy heff told me zat I heff learned all zat I can from zem. I em ze Master Varrior! I em so hexcited! Oh, yah. Gnonest is ze Master Mage as vell. He says he vants to go to ze Dire Maul now, but I zink he vuz chokink. Ve are restink up in zis abandoned house in ze IronForge until ve zink uf vhut to do next.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

A big sand box

I heff not posted lately, as Gnonest unt I heff been playing in Slizius. It is ze neat place. Not as snowy as ve vould like, but it has it's charms. Zere are lots uf zinks to kill zere: bugs, vurms, and ... vell, more bugs. I can see vhy Anor didnt' like it zo -- not a tree in sight, unt nozink really to skin. Oh, yah, zere are cultists as vell. Nasty people zey are. Ve heff been vhackink zem by ze cartload, but zey keep comink more. I shall try to take more pictures in ze future, but for now I heff only ze two.

Vhile runnink zrough ze sand, ve saw zis skeleton. I zink it is uf ze dragon! It is qvite dead, zo. Probably anozer reason Anor didnt' like zis place. He prefers to kill ze dragons, unt heffink an obfiously dead vun stuck here probably bugged him. You see -- lots uf bugs here!

Near zat skeleton, zis guy vuz valkink arount. Ve decided not to bozer him. I make it a point to not irritate people zat tall. Zey tend to hit really hard.

Ve teamed up viz a couple uf nice paladins last night for ze first time. Zey vere nice, for humans. I forgot to take ze photo, but zey vere vearink matchink armour - zey looked like ze guards in Stormvint, all shiny. I prefer my armour, zo. Alzough I do keep breakink my monocle. I need to find somezink more protectife for my head.