Ze stories uf ze fearsome Gnome varrior, Gnolly! Unt Gnonest.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Hemptyink out ze camera

Vell, it has been a long time zince I wrote anyzink here, so I decided zat it vould be a goot time to hempty out my camera, unt post ze photos here so zat you know vhut Gnonest unt I heff been up to.

Ve vere quite busy viz ze Lunar Vestifal lately - collectink ze coins from ze elders, unt shootink off ze firevorks. Ze firevorks vere ze best part, efen better zan runnink into ze Crossroads to get ze coin from ze elder zere. I got ze plans for ze launcher, so zat I vould be able to make ze firevorks vhenefer I like, but it needs ze Goblin rocket fuel to make. Now I need to find ze Goblin villink to sell me some.

Ze elders vere funny people. Hidink out in ze strangest uf places. Like ze vun in ze Un'goro crater, just lookink at ze bugs! You'd zink he vould help a little...

Vunce ze vestifal vuz ofer, ve decided to leafe ze crater, unt head up to ze Vintersprink. Oh, but it is goot to see ze snow again! Ze Vintersprink is a nice place. It has snow (I zink I heff mentioned zat). It does remind us uf ze old days in ze Dun Morogh, zo. Dumb bears attackink all ze time, nozink better to do. Oh, unt it has ze Chimeras. Lots uf ze Chimeras! Zey are efen dumber zan ze bears.

Gnonest unt I heff been collectink ze new armor as vell. Here are Gnonest's new pants. Aren't zey just too vierd to beliefe? Ze mages vear ze strangest zinks.

Unt here is my new armor. Unfortunately, I had my eyes closed vhen I took zis picture. I vill try to take ze better vun soon. Ze skull on ze breastplate is most fearsome, yah?